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Higher Brothers | STORM | Made in China | Room Service

The Higher Brothers (海尔兄弟) are a Chinese hip-hop group from Chengdu consisting of members MaSiWei (马思唯, formerly known as OG Skippy), DZknow (丁震, also known as KnowKnow or simply DZ), Psy.P (杨俊逸), and Melo (谢宇杰) “Made in Chin a” was the ending song for S 5 Ep 6 of HBO’s hit show Silicon Valley

The Higher Brothers are part of a much larger Sichuan-based rap collective called 说唱会馆 (Chengdu Rap House, or CDC). Psy.P and Melo were also part of a duo together called 天地会 (TianDi Clan, or TDC) before forming the Higher Brothers. Although they first appeared on the 88risingYoutube Channel in 2016 they were active far before that, videos from as far back as 2012 can be found of Melo rapping alongside OG CDC members such as Fat Shady and Sleepy Cat. Due to the success of songs like “Made in China” and “Franklin”, The Higher Brothers embarked on a tour through Asia alongside 88rising artists Jojiand Rich Chigga in late 2017. Additionally, there is a proposed mini-tour scheduled in the United States in early 2018.


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