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Kazakhstan: Scriptonite | Priton

Scriptonite, the celebrated Kazak rapper,  deserves a studied look into his art, his emanations, his style and flow.   Somewhere between altered reality and trap lies an examination into the Russian language -Kazakh soul of an intensely private/public creator.  Elegance and raw lyrics folded around the beat.  Often his slow motion vocals, venture into a new genre I am nominating “Trip Trap” for wont of a better way to describe the rhythmic flow journey that he brings us on.  Sit down, chill, smoke em if you got em and watch him perform thru the haze of what ever brings your mind into sync with his ebb and soul.

Adil Oralbekovich Zhalelov  was born June 3, 1990 , in Leninsky , in what was then the Kazakh SSR ,  today’s Kazakhstan.   Better known under the stage name Scryptonite he is an ethnic  Kazakh rap performer and beat maker , as well as  member of the creative association Gazgolder . He started out in 2013 with a video for the song “VBVVCTND”, two years later,  he released his debut album “The House with Normal Phenomena “, which became one of the most successful Russian-language rap albums of 2015.

Don’t Judge Me

Scriptonite (Adil Zhalelov) – was born and raised in Pavlodar (Kazakhstan). Here, in a small home studio as part of the Jillzay team, Adil recorded the first tracks, which soon became known far beyond their hometown. The musician appeared in the media space in 2013. His video for the song VBVVVCTND literally blew up YouTube, collecting in just a few days more than half a million views.

Scriptonite’s  debut album, entitled “The House with Normal Phenomena” ( an allusion to the title of the film “The House with Paranormal Phenomena “), was the result of an association between Top Dawg Entertainment in Los Angeles and American rapper Travis Scott , and was released on November 24, 2015 and took second place in the iTunes album chart , overtaking the album ” Gorgorod ” of the Russian rapper Oxxxymiron and losing to the new album of British singer Adel [22] . A  reviewer from the site Newspaper.Ru,  Yaroslav Zabaluev,  noted that ” Jalilov offers not just a conceptual, atmospheric work, but also a fair variety of genres – from trap and New York hip-hop to almost gospel ” .

“House with normal phenomena” became one of the most successful Russian rap albums of 2015 , and Adil  himself was recognised by  Colta.ru as the”rapper of the year”  . “House …” was included in the list of “20 best albums of 2015” according to Gazeta.ru  and was ranked 6th in the list of “30 best albums of the year” according to ” Afisha ” . The album ranked 1st in the list of the best Russian-language albums according to Rap.ru  and The Flow .

The video for the song “Style” took  5th place on the list of “Best Russian music videos  of 2015” according to Rap.ru , the song took the 15th place in the list of “50 best tracks of 2015” according to the site version The Flow  . In the same top, the song “Dance itself” took the third place . The publication “Afisha” included a video clip for the song “Priton” in the list of “100 great clips of 2015”


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