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Kosovo: Dafina Zeqiri ft Mixey – LIRI

Dafina Zeqiri is a well-known Albanian singer from Kosovo.  Dafina’s talent was evident from childhood. At the age of 10,  she entered a Swedish children’s festival with an English song she wrote herself. At age 16, he returned to Kosovo and began her career in earnest, and proceeded to give her listeners hit after hit. Zeqiri became one of the TOP  local television and radio station personalities and performers in Kosov. With her beautiful  voice, charm and appearance, Dafina is now among the most beloved and most sought after singers in Kosovo. “DUFFY’E”  as identified in the Kosovo music scene, is also considered to be one of the most talented Albanian songwriters, since at the age of 10 she began writing  song lyrics. Her musical talent and  ambitions point to a successful career.


On March 11, 2016, Dafina released the video clip “Liri” in collaboration with Mixey, which was shot on location in some of the most beautiful areas of Kosovo. The music of the song was worked by Dafina Zeqiri himself, the text was written by Arian Palaj, while Mixey was involved in the orchestration. The video clip was produced by Pinkmoon Creative. With this song, Dafina Zeqiri performed at these festivals: The Zhurma Show 2016 (2016), and Nights of Klipit Shqip 15 (2016).

“Dreams are actually a reality,  I’m doing what I am born to do. Now I am finally able to create the music I have always wanted to”

Dafina Zeqiri

Currently,  Defina lives in NYC. She finds this multi cultural, multi lingual city to be a source of inspiration ( as we do too!)  In an interview with NR MAGAZINE , writer Marianna Michael writes: ” During her schooling in Sweden, differences between British and American English became a fascination. She stood by the fantastical inclination that she was “half-American”, and became adamant, and correct, that she would end up living in America. She’s quick to add “I love to hear different accents. I love to imitate people.” Accents, aside from music, are her forte.”  Michael found Defina to be “mesmerising”  and we agree.  Read more of Michael’s interview and learn more about this gifted singer and songwriter here …

Four Seasons Collaboration with French Montana

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