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Russia: Dima Bilan | Derzhi

 Ди́ма Била́н, – “Держи”

Dima Bilan   born Ви́ктор Никола́евич Бела́нVíktor Nikoláevich Belán, hails from  Ust-Dzheguta, Karachay–Cherkessia) is a Russian actor, singer-songwriter of Karachay descent. Bilan represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with “Never Let You Go”, finishing second, and he won the contest in 2008 in Belgrade, with the song “Believe”. He has had several Russian number one hit records. He is sometimes referred to as “Russia’s Iglesias” due to his similarity to the Spanish singer.

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Studio Albums:

  • 2003: Ya Nochnoy Huligan (I’m a Night Hooligan)
  • 2004: Na Beregu Neba (At The Sky’s Shore)
  • 2006: Vremya reka (Time is a River)
  • 2008: Protiv pravil (Against the Rules)
  • 2009: Believe
  • 2011: Mechtatel (Dreamer)
  • 2013: Dotyanis (Reach)
  • 2015: Ne molchi (Don’t Be Silent)

Dima has recently competed at Russia’s Eurovision 2012 song selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan. He entered the competition with t.A.T.u. member Yulia Volkova with their song “Back To Her Future”. They finished in 2nd place with 29.25 points from the winning entry, “Party for Everybody” by Russian ethno-pop band Buranovskiye Babushki who was 38.51 points ahead of them.


In December 2012, Bilan signed an open letter attacking the author of a St. Petersburg bill against homosexual propaganda, along with other Russian pop stars like Philipp Kirkorov and Valery Syutkin.

Current TV Work

Dima Bila is one of the four coaches of the Russian reality talent show The Voice in seasons 1–3, 5–6.

Dima Bilan is one of the three coaches of the Russian reality talent show The Voice Kids” in seasons 1–4. His team’s artists became the winners of this show in the third (Danil Pluzhnikov) and in the fourth (Elizaveta Kachurak) seasons, respectively.


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