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Era Istrefi … RedRum + remix

Era Istrefi : Redrum’s What So Not Remix +

Let’s face it.  Whilst older music fans are all hung up on hearing music in English and STILL listening to music that they loved when they were in their 20’s ( I don’t want to grow up!) The world has moved on and as I found out all the way back in 1998, if the rest of the world is listening to music in a language they don’t understand, what is keeping me from appreciating what the WORLD has to offer other than some out dated prejudice and an inability to just “get it ”

 So I knew it would happen from my first impression of KPOP in ’98. What is that you ask through your hearing aid?  The LANGUAGE the music is sung in really does not matter that much any more. Era Istrefi was one of the artists that smashed the language barrier back in 2016 with her infectious , sexy voice singing in her native Albanian with “BonBon”. Eri has had many great tracks since then and I admit, I wasn’t paying that much attention until I started scouring Youtube and got sucked in by “Redrum” click above.  Dreamy harmony and beautiful melodies combine with Era’s sexy, Rhianna like voice ( maybe BETTER than Ri RI?)  ANYWAY Love the track, LoVE the voice in Albanian AND ENGLISH.


So  it seems that that was not the end of the fine tuning,  because hit as “Redrum”  was on it’s own,  it seems that there was room to pump up the sub harmonics and bring on the super bass with  What So Not at the mixing helm and, well,  the results are below for you to feast your ears.  Billboard Magazine says that the Aussies excel at future bass ( well after all, they are “down under”  snicker) And the subs are definitely up front and rumblin my car doors and windows ( the ladies love her voice and the vibrations seems to hit them in all the right places). Lush , thick synths fill in for percussion that is present but remixed sonically so that they don’t  conflict with all that crotch throbbing sub harmonic gritty-ness.  Depending on how you are rollin, let the top down , open the sun roof , drive some place expansive, free and open. Let the romantic partner riding shotgun with you feel the highs and drama of the production as it reaches it’s climaxes and try to keep hands , arms and limbs inside the vehicle please.  Stop by some place secluded, take in the sunset over the sea.  This is a song to make passionate love to. Super bass is the key.


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