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Vremya and Steklo Name 505 Время и Стекло – Имя 505

“Time and Glass” – is a Ukrainian pop dance group, formed december 2, 2012 . The group includes Alex Zavgorodny (Rus.) Ukraine,  Nadia Dorofeeva (Dodo), as well as Producer/ songwriter Alexey Potapenko (Potap).


n 2010, Alexei Potapenko, together with “MOZGI Entertainment”‘s  Irina Gorovoy decided to open a new project with the participation of Alexei Zavgorodniy (known under the pseudonym Positive ), with whom he had long collaborated . After an Internet casting and in-house casting in Kiev, the new member Nadezhda Dorofeeva joined the group.  Nadezhda was a former laureate of the”Black Sea Games” festival .

Their first single  “Time and Glass” – “So dropped the Card” – a modern romance, written by Potap [4] . The premiere of the song and clip was  released on November 17, 2010 [5] . 10 days later, the video hit 5th place in  number of views on YouTube in the “World Musicians” category .

March 4, 2011came the premiere of the video for the song “Love Point No”. June 10, 2011 the  video “Silver Sea”, and November 21, 2011 – “Tile”  . May 29, 2012 the members of the group “Time and Glass” presented a video for the song “Garmoshka”. On December 11, 2012,  they presented their clip for the song “Tear”, performed in conjunction with Potap . On May 28, 2013, the premiere of the clip “# karoche” [ . July 11, 2013 presentation of the English version of the song “Harmonica” – “Harmonica” was held. On November 12, 2013, a clip for the song “Dance with Me” was released . In 2014, the group released a video for the song “Take Back”, filmed in Mexico .

“Time and Glass”can often be seen on  Ukrainian entertainment television. Since 2013, “Time and Glass” has been accompanied by the ballet “Flow Masters”. In 2013,  “Time and Glass” went on the “MOZGI TOUR” together with Potapa’s other production project, the duet ” Potap and Nastya ” and the artist Arkady Laikin.  They performed in 24 of the largest cities in Ukraine, including Kiev. In 2013-2014, Alexey and Nadezhda made the leading hit parade “UA TOP 10” on the channel “M1” (Ukraine)  .

On February 6, 2015, the band released the single “Name 505” . The release of the video for this song took place on April 9 [14] . In June 2015, Name 505 entered the top charts of iTunes  The video for the song scored more than 50 million views on YouTube  in only 3 weeks . At the end of 2015, “Name 505” became the most popular video on YouTube in Ukraine  . The magazine Afisha-Vozduh , choose 10 songs that are “worthy to be stuck on your mind for a long time,”  “Name 505” won  the first place . After  “Name 505” the band “Time and Glass” released : “Song 404”, “Rhythm 122”,  and “Danger 220 ”



Опасно 220 Danger 220


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