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T Fest | Alien | Иностранец

T-Fest  Alien

“I’m everywhere, like a foreigner, you hear, we are different”

T-Fest Alien

Some where at the nexus of nerdy and outright crushin lies T-Fest, I have to admit, the more I listen to him the more I am caught up in head noddin, taken along his trip trap road.  Style, execution and focus on flow, T-Fest inhales the smooth gait of trap and adds that creativity that only a great post education in music can deliver.  But let’s get to the basics:   Cyril Nezboretsky was born on May 8, 1997 in the city of Chernivtsi Ukraine. He graduated from musical school where he studied  piano and drums. At the age of 11, he was interested in rap, and in particular the creativity of Schokk . In 2012, they recorded a joint track called  “T-fest ft. Schokk_YA – Mountains With Me ”  In 2014, T-fest began to make tracks, developing a new sound, recording the track” T-fest – the truth “.

January 20, 2016, Cyril in his  VKontakte group announced a reset of his work and released a track with the same name “t-fest – reboot”.

A month later, the first T-fest video clip “Mommy Permission” was released.

In 2017, after the release of the album “0372”, he signed a contract with the Russian music label “Gazgolder” .

More Info :

TFest has been playing music since he was 11 years old and can play the piano, drums and guitar. The first tracks recorded by T-Fest collaborating with  iMax (he is also known as IMaxMuzik, the same Maxim Nezboretsky, he, apparently, the elder brother of Cyril), appear on the Internet in December 2010. It was an amateur material straight from the home studio.

After three years, they released their joint mixtape “Burn”. As befits a mixtape, all the instruments on it are borrowed from foreign colleagues. The release remains almost unnoticed. It is followed by tracks “All Still On Place” and “That’s Vyros”. In them, T-Fest demonstrates an excellent technique for his age and the presence of thoughts.

January 31, 2016 Cyril announced another  restart of his work (while all public records and media are removed from the public record) and released the eponymous track. After that came  “Mom Solved”  the first single from the upcoming album.

The new album “0372” from the freshman, which is higher than January 26, 2017 – will surprise many lovers of the new school. The very name of the release is the phone code of the artist’s native city – Chernivtsi. The album turned out to be very interesting: with modern western sound and stories from his personal life. Listening is clearly worth it, as everyone here will find something for themselves.

In the beginning it was compared with Yaniksom, and even laughed …. Then there was a video where neuderzhalas Skriptonit sang with T-fest at a concert. And in early March 2017 came a joint track, which was called Lambada, and then a clip.

On March 7, T-FEST and the GAZGOLDER team release a video for the single “Mama Resolved”! This is not a Russian track, not another “tusovochnaya chewing gum.” This is a pure satire of our time. The guys have reflected what really happens there, on so-called entries. They showed people and their actions, describing current priorities, ridiculing them. For them, this track is one of the steps, the transition stage. The main thing is not to stumble. Creators do not even represent images, not music itself, words, but quality. Quality of sound, performance, submission of material. Everything is much more serious and deeper.

On October 12th Kirill officially presents his second solo album, which was named “Youth 97”. The tracklist of the record consists of 14  new tracks, which have never been officially released before. An exception to this list was the composition “Substances”, which the Artist presented in September at his concerts. On guest verses you can hear Truver from the label of Scriptonite “Zorski”, as well as MacRae. The release was released on Vasya Vakulenko’s label GAZGOLDER. At the moment when it became known about the T-Fest Instagram  page it began to display the cover of the teip consisting of nine parts, clicking on a piece of art, the admirer of his creativity could listen to small excerpts  of new projects.

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