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Kazakhstan QPOP Play List

Introducing Q-PoP:  giving KPoP a run for it’s world wide fans

So, you know K-pop and J-pop, but how about Q-pop? Meaning Qazaq-pop (or Kazakh pop), this new genre is making waves in Kazakhstan,

A rising force:

I have been following pop music from Kazakhstan since 2007.  I was taken in by the beauty of the Kazakh language and marvelled at the pop music sensibilities of Kazakh song writers and the music’s producers, who often infused traditional elements and folk instruments into pop, dance,  and with Yerbolat’s hit “Men Kazakpın/ Мен Казакпын”  Rap and Hip Hop with one of the coolest guitars,  the dombra. With some information taken from  The Calvert Journal  and Radio Liberty 

The Tracks from years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 :

1.  5:02- “Биле” Ali Okapov  Bileh  “Dance”

2. 4:55 Али Окапов – Жаным сәлем Ali Okapov Zhanem Selem

3. 4:13  Mad Men – Бері жақында  Beru Jakiunda

4.  Айдана Меденова – Су    Aidana Medenova Su

5  .5:09  Али Окапов – Уайымдама  Ali Okapov Waiumdama

6.   4:05  Black Dial – Cөйле   Seile

7.    3:48  Али Окапов – Жаңғырық    Zhanguiruk

8.    4:06  Айдана Меденова – Айтшы тіке

9    .4:10  Али Окапов – Суйер едім

10  .3:41  Жанар Дугалова Ізін көрем

11   .3:52  Mysterions – Қызғанамын
12.   4:16  Али Окапов – Бақытты қарсы алайық
13.   4:11  Жанар Дугалова – Айта берсін
 14.  3:37  Ayumi – Hey-La


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