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Haven | Ego | Singapore


Despite the damper Covid-19 has put on all of us, 17 year-old Haven reckons that the year has been “quite a rollercoaster” for her. Signed to local music label AOR Global, the musician has released six songs since she debuted in 2019. But what’s currently on the forefront of her music career is her upcoming single, EGO, which launches on Sept 18. “A lot is happening right now for me,” says the singer-songwriter, who is also a secondary school student.

““Friends coming and going, delayed projects and most importantly… I’ve been studying like crazy for my ‘N’ Levels!””

Though youthful, the singer is retrospective and shares that she’s been taking time to “reflect on what she’s done so far”. While her heartfelt lyrics and wispy vocals, juxtaposed against her e-girl aesthetic, has caught the attention of some 5000 followers on Instagram, the music artist maintains that she’s been finding new ways to get creative during the dry season.  On the ‘gram, you’ll see that she’s been keeping busy with music covers and magazine photoshoots. Decked out in high-necked tops and retro track pants reminiscent of the style of hip-hop artists in the 90s, Haven has both style and swagger.

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