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Aya Nakamura | La Dot

Aya Nakamura’s latest release “La Dot”  premiere on WorldWide Pop.com.  Born in Bamako Mali and the oldest of five siblings,  Aya’s family immigrated to France  where she later studied fashion at La Courneuve.   Aya lived in Aulnay-sous-Bois, a banlieue  satellite city at the outskirts of Paris notable for it’s rough life,.  Aya, who’s birth name is Aya Dianoko lived a life steeped in song and the tradition of the griot – the musicians and story tellers that preserve West Africa’s oral history for hundreds of years.  She recorded her first song “J’ai mal” (“I’m hurting” in French),    shot a video with some friends and uploaded it on YouTube, where it became a local sensation.  Aya’s  longtime friend Dembo Camara  was working as a salesperson when he left his job to  her producer and manager, and released the  tracks  “Brisé” and  was featured on rapper Fababy’s “Love d’un voyou.”    This song was a hit  and generated over  50 million views on YouTube.  Most followers believe that later with her song “Comportement,” the first single from her debut album Journal Intime, came to define her unique sultry and sexy sound.

““As a griotte, my mother would take part in ceremonies such as weddings and funerals, singing the praises of the groom’s or bride’s family,” she proudly recalls. “For a few minutes, all the attention would be focused on her and her voice.” Aya remembers how she couldn’t fathom the idea of performing on a stage, cringing at the thought of having all eyes on her: “When I was a kid, I told myself, “There’s no way I could ever do what my mom’s doing.’ She had such a strong voice and presence, and I was too damn shy to even think of singing in front of a crowd myself.””

Aya Nakamura the fader.com

“My sound is made to whine up, and feel your body,” she laughs. “I mostly listen to dancehall artists like Gyptian and Popcaan, or zouk love vocalists like Karima, Tikat, Princess Lover, and K-Reen”  Aya Nakamura

Aya Nakamura  |  Copines

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