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Greece: Marina Satti | Mantissa

Narina Satti |Mantissa|Μαρίνα Σάττι – ΜΑΝΤΙΣΣΑ

Marina Satti’s video,  Mantizza has now surpassed  21 million views on YouTube, which is twice the  population of Greece, and in an era of immigration and migration become a chart hit in s in next door Bulgaria and Romania.

Marina, born to a  Cretian mother and Sudanese father, fuses her soft and classical Greek voice with  modern Greek lyrics and traditional Greek / Arab instrumentation and progressions.  In the video Marina walks with determination thru the streets of a multi ethnic part of Athens away from the Parthenon and Acropolis with an entourage of friends and neighbours into the hearts of the world.

“I grew up influenced by Björk and Moderat and the Berlin electronic scene.  And then, while I was studying at the Berklee College of Music, I looked to my roots.”

Marina Satti

Finding her Voice

Photo Credit: Designlazy.com

Even thou the  young songwriter has tens of millions of views on YouTube, she has chosen to keep a low profile which means that her name and the details of her artistic career are well known. Her current fame  started about a year ago when she uploaded a video on the internet, in which we see her dressing up ” Θα Σπάσω Κούπες I Spash Mugs “, an Asia Minor song that has been interpreted in the past by well-known singers such as Marika Papagika (1928) and Eleftheria Arvanitaki (1984).

“I grew up with Greek songs, I grew up with Arabic songs,” she said. “Maintaining your identity but also mixing it with the new information, with the new influences, that’s a goal for every country and every culture.”

Marina Satti

Mantissa Livin R & Noisy Remix

Kopes  (Alceen Remix)

Marini Satti on Soundcloud 


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