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Kazakhstan: Ali Okapov | Play List

In case you missed it… Ali Okapov | Bilé

Popular Каzakh singer Ali Okapov, is without  doubt,  a talented musician. Although he still has  limited  achievements on stage, he has managed to win the public’s love with his charm, great voice and purposefulness.

Ali grew up behind the scenes, and toured before birth. , how is this possible? There is nothing surprising about  this when your parents are famous artists.  His mom is the famous singer Rosa Rymbayeva, who stands alongside Sophia Rotaru and Alla Pugacheva. His father,  Tasken Okapov is a conductor, musician, dancer and producer, founder of  “A-Studio”, “Gulder” and “Aray”. His father insisted that his son be called the second name of Allah – Ali, which means ‘exalted’.


Despite the creative atmosphere Ali Taskinovich Okapov grew up in , at first he did not want to dedicate his life to music.

Everything changed when at children’s camp,  Ali was asked to play the piano. Something clicked in the soul of the future artist, and he then understood his calling.

Ali  learned to play piano at the Kulyash Baiseitova school for gifted children.  Ali went on to be educated at the Kazakh National University of Arts. Apparently, his soul did not take to his chosen specialty,  because a year later Ali dropped his studies. Okapov left KNU and then went to study at the Faculty of Music and Variety at the Zhurgenov  Academy of Arts. In 2008 he tried out as a dance teacher in the studio Black style dance studio. Being a good pianist, he worked as  keyboard player in the band  Hot Ten. Ali was invited into the group SLANG. After consulting with his mother, who gave her blessing , Ali accepted the offer. He then soloed in the music band FOX. Over time, Ali matured  as a professional, got used to the stage and decided that it was time to go on a solo voyage. A great opportunity for him was  Star Factory Kazakhstan. The young singer decided to find out exactly what he was capable of . Friends and colleagues on the show tried to dissuade Okapov, telling  him that he was not ready, that he needed to practice more and debut himself next year. Ali did not listen to anyone and did the right thing,  he pushed forward. After “star” academy, Ali continued to develop a solo career. He participated in the contest “Delphic Games”, where he came in second.  He also came in second at “Almaty Zhuregimd” festival. Among the trophies there he took the Grand Prix, which he won at  the Aktobe-Jazz festival. Ali was recognized as the “Best Debut Artist of the Year” by the EMA  and “Saz Alemi” in 2012. At the  EMA-2017 awards  Ali Okapov was nominated as “Best Performer”. Okapov works closely on all his  albums, composes songs, records video clips. In each endeavour, he is involved not only as a performer, but also as a second director. Ali is the author of most ideas for his music videos. For the song “The Bygone Days” – he drew inspiration from his mother. The young singer has also started as a producer. Under his command he has been producing  the singer Roza Mukataeva. Asked why, Ali replied that Rosa’s participation3 in the project X-factor, well demonstrated her talents.  Another important indicator for Ali was the millions of views her videos drew on YouTube, which even surpassed his own.

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