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Behind The Music | China | Higher Brothers

From Great Big Story’s You Tube Channel 

Straight outta Chengdu China, the Higher Brothers are making Sichuan hip-hop a global sensation. It all started when the four friends spent a winter holed up in a tiny bedroom writing songs about their beloved childhood cartoon, “Haier Brothers.” The guys began to mix trap beats with local dialects, Mandarin and broken English to create a singular style—one that caught the attention of New York-based music label, 88Rising. In this Great Big Film, we kick it inside the studio where “Brothers” Masiwei, Psy.P, Dzknow and Melo make music that’s impressed the likes of Migos and Playboi Carti.

China in Focus

HD | 1080P 3:04
Peng Xi Chen|WorldWodePop.com
HD | 1080P 3:50
Kris Wu | Like That
HD | 1080P 3:39
That GoodGood| Lu Han 鹿晗

What's Rising

2K |1440P 3:27
NIKI - Vintage (Official Music Video)
UHD | 4K 2:47
1080P 4:05

Hand Picked Tracks

Curated Tracks

HD | 1080P 2:41
HD|1080P 3:34
LUNA 루나 ‘Free Somebody
HD |1080P 3:56

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